1. Nam June's Spirit Was Speaking To Me
    Aki Onda

  2. In My Arms, Many Flowers
    Daniel Schmidt

  3. Cloud Shadows
    Daniel Schmidt

  4. Vanity Fair
    Sean McCann & Matthew Sullivan

  5. Chanter
    Charlie Morrow

  6. Sounds from the Book of Bean
    Alison Knowles

  7. Dans le Sable
    Loren Rush

  8. Abies Firma
    Daniel Schmidt

  9. Mother of Pearl
    Sarah Davachi & Sean McCann

  10. Toot! Too
    Charlie Morrow

  11. America Lament
    Charlie Morrow

  12. Puck
    Sean McCann

  13. Days Off
    Alex Twomey

  14. The Art of Mary Mazzacane
    Mary Mazzacane

  15. Das Jahr 2020
    Molly McCann

  16. Momentary Harmony
    Kajsa Lindgren

  17. Waves: Real and Imagined
    Rip Hayman

  18. Simple Affections
    Simple Affections

  19. St. Francis
    Liv Landry, Sean McCann, & Eric Schmid

  20. Epigenetic Poetry
    Giovanni Fontana

  21. Ten Impressions for Piano and Strings
    Sean McCann

  22. Dreams of India & China
    Rip Hayman

  23. Cri-Rythmes
    François Dufrêne

  24. Through Mysterious Barricades with George Maciunas
    Philip Corner

  25. Father Fugue
    Nour Mobarak

  26. Out of Page
    Arrigo Lora-Totino

  27. Music for Private Ensemble
    Sean McCann

  28. Empty Pool To No One
    Open Corner

  29. Sphere Studies and Subterranean Bounce
    Nour Mobarak

  30. De ossibus 20
    Kiera Mulhern

  31. Jubilee

  32. Saturday Night
    Sean McCann, Matthew Sullivan, Alex Twomey

  33. Curtain
    Derek Baron

  34. Poems & Metapoems
    Dick Higgins

  35. Dedicated to Dieter Roth
    Eric Schmid

  36. Electric Landlady
    Malcolm Green

  37. Stones : Dreams
    Geoffrey Hendricks

  38. The Crying Space
    Eric Andersen

  39. Towards A Total Poetry

  40. Lost at Sea
    Idea Fire Company

  41. Ionisation
    Adriano Spatola

  42. Tub of Deep Green Ink
    Sean McCann

  43. All Of The Time
    Jean Dupuy

  44. Arcanum 17
    Reidemeister Move

  45. Alain Badiou
    Eric Schmid

  46. Papers
    Sarah Davachi


Recital Glendale, California

Founded in 2012 by Sean McCann.
Focusing on abstract and beautiful music.
Sometimes just one of those things and sometimes both of those things.

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